Scriptures Against Abuse

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Scriptures Against Abuse FinalScriptures Against Abuse

Many Christian victims hear the interpretation that “God hates Divorce” (Malachi 3:7) and they wonder why God loves the abuser more than he cares for the victim.  Often in the zeal to protect the holiness of marriage, many counselors and pastors may give the impression that suffering within the holy bonds of marriage can be a spiritual necessity.

Armed with over 150 Scriptures, I prove that while God doesn’t want anyone to divorce, he does not condone abuse.  God loves the victim and it is not his will for anyone to suffer.  If you are a counselor, pastor, teacher or friend and you need Scriptures that support self-esteem and a life without abuse of any kind – this book is a reference tool that you can’t be without.

If you are a victim of abuse and you’ve wondered if God loves you enough to allow you to escape the abuse, this book will be a comfort.  Scriptures Against Abuse will help any Christian that is struggling with abuse.  I do not encourage anyone to divorce or not divorce.  That decision is a very personal one and must be made by those involved.  However, I do give you enough Scriptures to build your own decision making ability.

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Scriptures Against Abuse

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