Discipline Exposed – Surviving Fried Worms and Flying Mudballs

Disciplined exp cover -2Discipline Exposed – Surviving Fried Worms and  Flying Mudballs

Disciplined Exposed received rave reviews from Moms and professionals.  Debbie includes page after page of practical advice, encouragement and better ways to accomplish long lasting discipline.  Discipline Exposed makes a great gift for any mom especially when you couple it with The Penny System. 

Here’s what Marilyn had to say….

Mom had your new autographed book “Discipline Exposed” lying in my bedroom when I was there. One night I picked it up and read it and LOVED IT!! I would have loved to have had that book back when my boys were growing up. I was so impressed with the book that I went up to the bookstore in Knoxville and ordered another copy to send to my step-daughter who has a little 5 yr. old “very active” little boy. It was very timely because she had just called me that week crying because Aidan was having some behavioral problems.

I took Mom’s copy to Cedar Rapids to loan to my son & daughter-in-law who have a 4 yr. old and a 6 yr. old.  I’m just praying that God will use your book in each of these situations to help them with their parenting skills.

THANK YOU, DEBBIE, for writing such a “down-to-earth” book that is funny, yet makes so much sense understanding how kids think!

You can also view a profession review of Discipline Exposed  at  Mary’s World

Order you autographed copy today!  Only $11.00 plus postage and handling.


GOOD NEWS!  Discipline Exposed has been revised and updated.  The new version will be released as an e-book in the fall.   If you purchase the hardcopy, you will automatically receive a digital copy.

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