Safe in His Arms


I was calm yet filled with excitement. Every week I set aside Wednesday to spend with Him. I am quiet. I feel peace. I don’t eat. I just think about my wonderful friend. It’s as if the whole world swirls around us yet my friend and I are sheltered within a quiet floating bubble.

This morning my sleepy eyes opened and I felt like a little child. Jesus looked down and smiled at me as I crawled into the lap of my Savior. He helped me sit comfortably and He hugged me close. I laid my head on His chest and heard His heartbeat. He stared ahead to watch the chaos of the world. I know he saw it and yet He was so calm. He touched my hair and put his chin on my head. I closed my eyes knowing I was perfectly safe.

The scene was as peaceful as a mother feeding her infant in the early morning hours. He was not worried or nervous or even the slightest bit rushed as He took time for me. He was the great multi-task-er. I felt His overwhelming love with every beat of His heart.

Even being so close, so quiet and so still, I understood His massive power. I knew that with a simple shift of his eye he could calm a tornado or heal someone of cancer. I felt great power emanating from Him and at the same time I felt tremendous peace and calm. With every breath I knew prayers were answered, people were changed, circumstances were altered and love was dispersed.

He is not a man full of doubts, fears and the nervousness that accompanies even the most productive and successful person. He is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He is everything to everyone. He is all powerful and all mighty. He is all knowing and all giving. He is simple and yet profound. He is fearless and has power over all circumstances. He is the judge of all evil and yet compassionate to those who ask for forgiveness.

He never misses a prayer or forgets even one small soul. He hears the prayers of leaders with the same attention and intensity that He uses to listen to a small child before bedtime. And those eyes…those loving yet piercing eyes. They see all, they know all and they love anyway. I looked into His face and I saw His love for me. I saw a kindness that I’ve never seen from anyone else. He knows every bad thing about me and yet he holds me as if I were His favorite child.

I felt the tears roll down my face.  He wiped them away and drew me closer to his chest. He took a breath and whispered, “I love you.” I cried even more. “I love you too.”

In the calm of this day that I’ve devoted to him, I am assured that Jesus has everything in control and he loves me. I know He will protect me and guide me to a better life. I am safe in His arms.

I hope that you can find your quiet moments or even days to crawl into the lap of Jesus and be comforted by His love and His strength. No matter what is happening around you or even to you….there’s no reason to be afraid. Jesus is in control.

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