Pallas & Kratz

Once upon a time a young girl named Pallas, climbed a very steep mountain to visit with a Chakam named Sophos. The Chakam had been awarded the title “Wisest man in the world”. Pallas cautiously approached him and asked, “Oh great wise one, how can I have the best life possible?”

Sophos stroked his beard. “Go down the east side of the mountain. Buy a boat and head North. Always use honesty in your decisions. Make negative information your friend. Stand for what’s right even when you are compassionate to your enemy. Never underestimate those who would do you harm. Believe in yourself. Trust truth and your God. Love with all your heart, those who will allow it. Believe in your talents. Be the best you possible and live with integrity. Never, never quit.”

Pallas thanked Sophos and made her way down the mountain. She approached a frail old man sitting on the ground, leaning against a post. “Do you know where I could buy a boat?”

“I have a boat.” The old man coughed.

Pallas looked around and saw a jug of water. She brought it to the old man. She found a blanket and covered him.

“How long since you’ve eaten?”

The old man mumbled and coughed again. Sophos ran to a beach vendor and bought some food. She sat beside the old man while he ate.

“How much would you like for the boat?”

The old man pointed to a worn looking boat bobbing in the water. “That one is $400 and the new one beside it is $4,000.”

Pallas remembered the words of Sophos. Make negative information your friend. “Please tell me which one you would buy and why?”

The old man smiled and for a few minutes listed all the gadgets and trinkets installed on the $4,000 boat. He stopped eating and smiled at the smaller worn boat. He shook his bread in the air as he recounted the times his life was spared while sailing in her safe arms. “I guess I trust her. There are more shiny elements to the other boat, but “Old Lizzy” will keep running and can get you through any storm.”

The old man’s story wasn’t what Pallas wanted to hear, but if he was pushing a $400 boat over a $4,000 one – maybe she had found the truth. She pulled out $600.00 and gave it to the old man. “It’s all I have.”

“It’s more than I asked. Take the rest back.”

Pallas smiled. The old man was in need and she didn’t want to take advantage of him. “If it has saved your life then it is worth more than bargain price. I hope she will serve me as well.” Pallas boarded the boat and headed North.

In the meantime, Kratz, a young rich yet greedy man, also climbed the mountain to talk with Sophos. When Kratz asked for the best life, he received the same instructions. Instead of thanking the Chakam, he grumbled that his talk was a waste unless there was a treasure up north.  He headed down the mountain and also approached the old man.

“Hey, old man, wake up!” Kratz kicked his shoe. “Where can I buy a boat.”

The old man coughed and sat up.

“Come on…come on. I don’t have all day. I need a boat.”

The old man pointed to the shiny new $4,000 boat and announced it’s price. Another $400 boat bobbed alongside.

“What? You think I’m going to pay an old dogger like yourself $4,000 for that piece of junk. I’ll give you half.” He took the money out of his pocket and when the old man coughed again, he threw it in his lap. “Take it or leave it.” The old man nodded.
If the story stopped here you might think both seekers had the same experience. But there’s more.

As they sailed the sea, a huge hurricane began to form. The old man’s brother lived across the sea, was wealthy and had the equipment necessary to search for boats in trouble. Because of her kindness, the old man radioed ahead for his brother to be watching for Pallas. He explained how kind and fair she had been. By the time Kratz arrived to buy a boat, the winds were strong enough to prevent radio signals from getting through. Kratz refused to wait for the storm to subside. All he could think about was finding some treasure.

The old boat had a massive engine and a full tank of gas. The new boat was more for fun boating. It’s engine was not strong and the gas tank was only half full. By the time Kratz made it to the middle of the storm, his boat was out of gas, helpless and eventually overcome by the waves.

Pallas was terrified as waves pounded the old boat. It chugged along and seemed so small compared to the massive storm. Pallas prayed. She remembered the Chakam’s words, Never give up!

Just as morning broke and the winds began to subside, Pallas saw a large boat. It was the old man’s brother. He brought Pallas aboard, tended to her needs and pulled the old boat to shore. She stayed with the brother for a long time. He became a good friend that helped her weather other life storms.

What’s the moral of this story? Life is better when you have all the information you need for the journey, when you value others and when you understand the rules of integrity and decent behavior.

A good life is never about you! A good life is about your decisions and the lives you touch.

As I take my journey, it is my prayer that I will be able to leave lanterns of light so you can walk the best path for your life. Our paths may not be the same but perhaps they will cross long enough for us to be great friends.

I cherish you and I pray that God is with you today.

Can you imagine how much better our world would be if most people were like Pallas? The main purpose for my classes is to help others see that they too can have a great life if they have a plan. You can change your own life with the decisions your make today and tomorrow.

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