My journey through pain. Dr. Lazar changed my life!

I am currently praying for many friends who have major illnesses and are in a lot of pain.  I hope you will gain strength through the following story of my journey through pain.  I believe in medical doctors and I have known some great ones.  My life has been saved many times by some of the finest doctors I’ve known.

However, what do you call a doctor that finishes “Last” in his class?   You call him “Doctor”.

For that reason, I’ve unfortunately known several doctors who hurt me, missed problems, misdiagnosed me, and one who without any remorse almost killed me.

I have become a strong advocate of “interviewing” the doctor you are considering for care.  You should know his/her philosophy, beliefs, character, experience, reputation and most importantly the level of personal determination to be good to you.  He/she should listen to your concerns and agree to be a partner with you to discover the best way to move forward with your care.  I do not sign on with doctors who simply want to “demand” that I do what they say.  Most of those kind do not pay attention or intently listen to my concerns.  They misdiagnose and then I’m the one who suffers.

I still believe there are many ways traditional doctors can help us.  If I have a serious infection that requires antibiotics, I will go to a traditional doctor for medication.  But…I have personally experienced a better life and the release of multiple issues and pains by stepping outside of traditional thinking and allowing Dr. Lazar to help me.  Dr. Lazar is a NUCCA Upper Cervical specialist using the QSM3 and NUCCA protocols using Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) and National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) protocols.  What does all that technical stuff mean?  It means healing for you.  The work he does is completely different from the bone popping chiropractic care – which always disturbed me.

The following is an article I wrote two years ago about my transformation, my grand-daughter’s miraculous healing and my journey to a more exciting life.  I know Dr. Lazar on a personal level and he is one of the finest men I know.  He truly cares about his patients and he works hard to help them have the best life possible.  He gives God the glory for the miraculous work his hands are able to do.

You can find out more about this amazing work by going to Dr. Lazar’s website.

I wrote this article two years ago.  Both my grandchildren are pain free, very smart and having a ball with Grandma!

Journey of a Chiropractic Skeptic 


Debbie Jansen

If anyone touted the benefits of Chiropractic care, I was the first to roll my eyes and bite my lip.  “Cracking my back has nothing to do with my health.  I’m not going to take a chance with my back to pretend I have stomach relief.”

My son attended college with Jonathan Lazar.  He was a fun guy, very friendly and smart as a whip.  We became great friends.  We lost contact for several years.  By chance Dr. Lazar and I connected on line and developed a professional to professional relationship.  My husband and I passed through Ann Arbor and decided to spend some time with Dr. Lazar.  His office was beautiful and we were so proud of his success.  He explained his procedures and how and why he became an Upper Cervical specialist.  

It sounded interesting and logical.  I smiled and nodded but I still wasn’t sold.  Then he dropped the bomb.  “I know you have some medical issues, how about letting me give you an adjustment?  My eyes widened and I glanced at Ron.  “Uh…well….”  I was searching for a way to decline without hurting his feelings.  His eyes twinkled, “Trust me.”  Sigh, I thought the world of this guy so how could I say no.

Dr. Lazar made a set of x-rays, checked the weight of my stance and I laid down for my first treatment.  While I understand that not everyone has the same response, my body’s initial response was miraculous.  

After the easy, comfortable and quiet adjustment, I sat up and immediately began to giggle.  My head actually felt lighter.  I felt as though he had given me a shot of energy and some kind of anti-depressant.  I couldn’t stop smiling or giggling.  When I walked I felt 25 pounds lighter.  I didn’t feel the heavy weight that often made me want to find any chair and sit down.  My blood pressure normalized.  I felt good and ready to move on with my day.  

The miracles that happened in the days to follow continued to astound me.  I had taken medicine for years for acid reflux.  I was sure this new feeling of well being wouldn’t stop the acid, but I decided to go without the meds and see.  I haven’t taken medicine for acid reflux since that first adjustment.  I have terrible allergies but I’ve found when I’m in perfect alignment, those allergies don’t exist.  And more important, my stamina, my resistance to colds and my overall health is better.

I often tease him that he must be doing some kind of voodoo. It doesn’t feel like he’s done anything until I sit up or sometimes until the next day.  When we get serious, because I’m a Christian, I simply thank God for Dr. Lazar’s talent and skill.

I continued to see Dr. Lazar, but because we live so far away (almost 200 miles) my appointments were only once every four or five months. Driving that distance three times a week would be extremely difficult.  I have a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  It has been in remission for 26 years.  Two years ago my parents came to live with me.  They both have severe dementia.  We live in Ohio but my husband Ron has been in Iowa taking care of his mother who has cancer.  Being separated and full time caregivers has taken it’s toll on my health, my psychological well being and my energy level.  RSD has crept back into my life and is causing all kinds of problems.  Ron and I decided I should take a day off every week to go see Dr. Lazar.  Not only would the day off be a break for me, but perhaps regular treatments would give me more pain relief.  

Regular adjustments with Dr. Lazar have changed my life!  When I saw him every few months,  I felt good for two weeks and then began a gentle slide back into pain.  The cycle of only going for temporary pain relief didn’t solve my problems.  Choosing to make the effort to go every week has made all the difference in the world.  I am happier, more content and full of energy.  I could not do this overwhelming job of caregiving without Dr. Lazar’s help.  While the aging process hasn’t stopped and some of the damage to my body won’t reverse, I have less pain and more energy.  My RSD is moving back into remission.  Even with all the stress and problems we are facing, my attitude is hopeful and my resolve is strong.  Dr. Lazar has become our primary doctor.  I call him before I talk to anyone else.  

Ron recently called from Iowa to tell me he had strained his neck and couldn’t get relief.  He wanted me to check our insurance for possible doctors.  “No way.  You call Dr. Lazar and let him tell you what to do.”  Dr. Lazar referred Ron to a Upper cervical specialist in Iowa.  Not only is his neck better – he’s lost 40 pounds.

I’m no longer a skeptic.  I totally believe in Dr. Lazar and Upper Cervical Chiropractic care.  I would much rather spend a small amount every week or every month to maintain my health than to face an unsurmountable problem in the future.  As I’ve told him, “I don’t want to be cripple and in a nursing home when my children and grandchildren need me most.  I want to avoid dementia and all the other devastating diseases of old age – if at all possible.  I want to live my life to the fullest every day.  I want to be the best I can be and when it’s my time to go – I want to go with a smile on my face.  I don’t want to be in so much pain that death would be a relief. 

I’ve advised my family and friends to seek chiropractic care. My grandchild had a traumatic birth.  For several months that child was cranky and out of sorts.  I insisted that we make the drive to see Dr. Lazar.  His competent hands went to work on our precious 2 1/2 month old grand-daughter.  He found that her head wouldn’t turn to one side and her pelvis was locked.  Once he corrected those problems my precious grandchild became a different baby.  No more crying fits.  No more sleepless nights.  No more frowning face.  She was more alert, more healthy and much more happier. Can you imagine what her life would evolve to be if those problems weren’t corrected?  How much pain would she have to endure through the years.  And it all started at birth!   He also cared for the 4 year old.  The jump in cognitive development is amazing.  Our sweet toddler is calmer, sweeter and much more in tune with mommy’s training.

At 13 months the baby wasn’t crawling and rarely talked.  When we put her on the floor she would try to move around but it was short lived and it looked painful.  Again we made the four hour trip to see Dr. Lazar.  Because she hadn’t seen him since her initial visit, her spine was again out of line and her pelvis was tilted and locked.  He explained that babies will try to accept long term pain and deal with it.  She couldn’t move her legs and one arm properly and was probably in a lot of pain even if she wasn’t crying.  

He adjusted her.  It’s so gentle, no bones were popped and there were no tears.  When he put her on the floor, she instantly raised to her knees and began crawling.  Amie and I cried watching the transformation.  She was a happy baby, giggling – crawling and babbling.  On our trip home she laughed, tried to sing and started repeating words.  Changing a diaper had been painful for her because she was obviously in pain when we tried to open her legs.  On the way home she was throwing her legs around and laughing.  Changing her diaper was so easy it made Amie and I cry.  Dr. Lazar helped us find a Upper Cervical specialist closer so she could maintain her miracle.

I encourage anyone reading this to set up regular Upper Cervical chiropractic care with Dr. Lazar or contact his office for a referral.  Don’t put it off!  You can have a better life!  Unlike other doctors, he won’t keep you coming when he feels your care is at a maximum.  But if you allow him the time he needs to put your body in order, you too will feel as though miracles are happening in your life.  For me, pain is never an option as long as I am in Dr. Lazar’s care.

Thank you Dr. Lazar!  

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