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Meet Debbie

JAMJ5977“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…..”

Writing those words as the melody played in my head caused me to stop and stare out my window.  Memories of sweet slices of Americana surrounded me and made me feel warm inside.  I am a different person than I would have been because I grew up in a Christian and hopeful America.

My America consisted of a lot of teaching.

  • I was taught to respect the flag and to love our country.
  • I was taught to respect people and authority.  I would never talk back to anyone.
  • I was taught that hard work was a  requirement for having a great life.
  • I was taught that good people respected others, their life, their property and did not hurt them.
  • I was taught over and over that my freedom ended where your freedom began.  I was not allowed to trample on the freedoms of others no matter what circumstances we faced.
  • I was taught that education would help you achieve the very best in life.
  • I was taught that living an honorable life meant that you lived by the Ten Commandments and you refused to break them.
  • I was taught that the only way to hold your head up high was to stand on your own two feet and prove to the world that you could make it.  To make it on your own didn’t mean you never accepted help. It did mean that you took responsibility for your life. Whining about  what you didn’t have was a sign of weakness. I was taught very early in life to be happy for other people’s success. How?  Attending a friend’s birthday meant that you clapped with excitement for what they received and never wants wind that you didn’t have it.


My parents were concerned about raising an adult that could be a credit to society not a drag on society. That meant that I had to learn the hard lessons early. I had to learn to care for those that were not as fortunate as I was. I had to learn to work hard. I had to learn to be unselfish. Even at six and seven I had to be the kind of child that other adults wanted to be around. Being a brat was not acceptable.

I was taught to recognize evil, wrong doing, selfishness and bad behavior.  There was no gray areas and I didn’t want to cross the line into an unhealthy life.

The children of the America I knew were often more logical and more sensible than adults are today.  America is now suffering and she is suffering because her people are no longer mentally, physically, or spiritually strong. I love my country and I want to help her be strong again. But how?

History proves that when a nation does not learn from the past, it will repeat past mistakes. I am concerned that America is going backward not forward. We are losing our freedoms. We are returning to the oppression that existed just before this country was discovered.  Our forefathers built a nation that dealt with the evils of the world and we became a safe and prosperous nation.  Now we are infiltrated with evil, oppression and violence.

I wish I had the power to hold a nationwide town hall meeting. In that meeting if God gave me the words I would love to inspire this nation to return to its roots not only politically but spiritually, socially and with honor. Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to do either of those. What I do have the power to do is to write articles that will help individuals see the good about the past and hopefully we can inspire our nation to be honorable citizens again.

It it impossible?  Absolutely not!  I believe there is a silent majority of good people that can return our country to the free and safe society we used to enjoy.  They need to be inspired and to understand that we can go back to the goodness of that time without returning to the bad we’ve overcome.  One by one we can teach those around us to have faith in this country again.  One by one we can link arms and change this country.  It’s a lifetime goal.  But we can do it!

I hope you will join me as we take a trip down memory lane and discover what made this country great. While there were many great authors and, inventors, politicians, educators, and spiritual advisors – this country became great not because of a few select prominent figures – because of its simple hard-working honorable citizens. I pray every day that hard working people who see their lives in the reflection of the American flag will step up to the plate and teach others how to be honorable citizens.

Will you join me?

REMEMBER:  No country will ever be better than it’s citizens.


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