With God Everything is Possible – without God lasting success can’t be achieved. 

Many people have asked why it seems that non-christians are successful while so many Christians suffer or can’t seem to achieve “earthly” success.  

Dr. Ken Crocker (my dad) would smile and reply, “The game isn’t over yet.  The Bible is clear.  No injustice, sin or wrong will escape punishment.  It may be hidden for years.  The wrong may even seem to escape the majority of a person’s life.  Yet, eventually it will be revealed.  Most of the time it is brought to light in our lifetime.  But if it does escape punishment here, there will be “hell” to pay in eternity.”

Our country is suffering.  We have been thrown full force into anarchy.  (Anarchy:  a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.)   

Adults who should know better are acting like children having a temper tantrum.  Politicians have lost all sense of maturity and are stoking the fires of revolution with the only goal to retain their own power and control. 

The common citizen has been so abused and tormented that they turn to drugs, alcohol or other forms of illegal or devastating coping mechanisms.  Dysfunctional citizens are easy prey for the power hungry politician, drug pusher or evil cult.

Youth who desperately need a purpose in life are captured by agenda driven authority figures who encourage them to soothe their despair with illogical protests, fits of anger and political correctness temper tantrums.

Our churches have joined the push for power.  Small churches who concentrate on individual mentoring – are ridiculed and told they are unsuccessful.  In their search for power and large crowds, some churches concentrate on one segment of society and refuse to shepherd others in need.  They ignore devout Christians, call them names and leave them no choice but to leave the church.  Once those who can tell truthful theology from lies are gone, churches adjust the word of God to fit the “luke warm” hipsters that flock to a faith that doesn’t require dedication or uncomfortable conviction.  

Most churches are over run with Christians who don’t know their Bible and wouldn’t know how to recognize a false prophet or be able to resist occult teachings.  These weary souls depend on milky sermons and jiving music to hide the pain they carry in their hearts. 

We have American citizens who are so blinded by false accusations and political correctness that they can’t see the value in our history or the value of another human.  They have never been taught history without an agenda.  They are taught to hate our forefathers and to accept the looming loss of our freedoms.  

And parents – people who could stop the devastation by raising mature adults – some parents are often so dysfunctional and selfish, children are but a pawn to batter around and relieve their parent’s twisted pain and pent up anger.

Stop!!!  Enough.  We know this world is changing and not for the good.  We don’t have time to be discouraged.  We need answers.  We need hope.  We need courage, strength and a path to health.  The sins and garbage found in our country is staggering.  The answer seems impossible.  We need a plan.  

Congratulations!  We do have hope, answers and a plan.  God provided the answer over 2,000 years ago.  The answer to every problem is Jesus.  

Awe Debbie….I don’t have time for this.  Jesus has been around a long time and nothing has changed – in fact it’s getting worse.

I understand your skepticism but the solution is still the same.  The cure is real, if the medicine is applied properly.  It won’t work otherwise. 

Jesus is the answer – but it must happen one person at a time.  

It seems that in history when “masses” come to Christ, it rarely lasts.  When logic and emotion create a perfect storm – masses respond.  But when Jesus enters one person and completely overhauls that life – the change sticks like glue and it spreads.  A changed life can’t wait to share his/her experience with others.  That person influences another one and another one and another one.  Each one has measurable changes for others to see.  Eventually whole societies can change.

It’s possible but unlikely that a sermon on the streets of Washington will change all of congress.  It is more likely that one senator who meets the Christ and changes his entire life because of that meeting – it’s entirely possible that he could arrive in Washington and impact others on a daily basis.  

What I’m trying to say is that the “healing” of America must start with you and with me.  

I can’t go to Washington.  I have a family and we don’t have that kind of money and what about my job!  I can’t even take time off to help local candidates. 

I agree.  I can’t either.  Yet, we own the most powerful tool in this world.  God has given us a tool that is so powerful it can break through the barrier of our small influence and impact larger circles.  God has given us a tool that Satan can’t use and he can’t destroy.  

God has given us the power of prayer.  WE CAN PRAY.  The time to pray is NOW!

I’ve tried it.  It doesn’t work.

There’s a reason it doesn’t work.  1.  You must be sold out to Christ and do all you can to live a righteous life.  2.  You must be on board with God’s plan.  

Some prayers are fruitless because we want our own brand of right.  We pray for a specific thing or a specific problem.  Yes, we often need to pray specific prayers and God does hear those.  But America’s problems are so big that we have to change our prayers.  We have to use our prayers to attack the core of America’s problems.

To pray for your own party or your own views on any of these subjects puts God in a box.  We are labeling what “we think” needs to be done.  Instead, what we need to do is use our prayers to “eliminate” evil. When evil is gone or has been diminished – good will flourish and our country will return to safety.  

In other words, don’t pray for God to let your candidate win.  Don’t pray for God to push someone you don’t like out of Washington.  

Instead, pray for God to take evil out – no matter who or what that is.  Pray for God to help everyone resist Satan and his evil ways.  Pray for God to cause evil to be bound and unable to promote evil deeds.  Have you ever wondered why evil is never conquered in Washington?  We think we’ve voted in a good man and then wham! We find out he’s just as corrupt as everyone else.  Why?  Because we prayed for a man instead of praying for the elimination of evil.  

We hate the other candidate.  We hate the group on the right.  We hate old people or church people or other races or other ideas.  Eliminating them doesn’t solve the problem.  Hate never accomplished anything except destruction.  Eliminating evil is the only thing that will stop the problem.

Remember the scene in Star Wars where the evil Emperor Darth Sidious tried to convert Luke Skywalker to the dark side?  He wanted him to hate.  He wanted him to feel the hate so he could be influenced to join the dark side.

Every time I see an outburst on the news – it reminds me of the exchange between Luke and Darth Sidious.  It reminds me that Satan is constantly calling people to the dark side. 

That’s how I see our country’s situation.  If Satan can get the general public to hate, to be so angry they can’t listen to reason – then Satan can swoop in and claim them for his evil purpose.  But…if we pray and remain filled with God’s love, we can influence others.  We can challenge them to be logical about the situation, to look at reality and to see how all this fighting keeps us from making progress….maybe we will even have a chance to share Jesus with them.  At that point perhaps they will see how much better life can be with God as our guide and maybe then….real change will happen.

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”   2 Chronicles 7:14

Why are Christians being slandered and bullied around the world?  Because true evil understands the power of prayer and of God’s love.  Evil realizes that a praying person can stop evil plans.  A praying person can do great harm to evil plans.  

Do you understand that kind of ultimate power?

  •  Prayer delivered the children of Israel out of the hands of Pharaoh.  For all the miracles God did for the Israelites read Exodus 2-15.  
  •  Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 but God answered prayer and gave them a son.
  •  Daniel was thrown in the Lions Den.  The Lions were hungry.  Yet, Daniel prayed and their mouths were closed.  
  •  Jesus took five small loaves and two fishes and prayed over them.  Then he fed 5,000 people with them.  
  •  A widow woman fed a prophet during a famine.  He prayed for her and her jar of oil miraculously refilled every time she used it.  Her flour never ran out.  Why?  Because a prophet prayed.

NOTHING in our world has the kind of power found in the prayers of a righteous man or woman.  You alone can fight evil when you pray.  You alone can “feel the force and move it toward good” when you pray.

But that was Bible days and maybe the stories included a little poetic license.  Miracles like those can’t happen now.  Could it?

  •  I was six and very sick.  Mom took me to the hospital.  I was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever.  They allowed me to return home as long as mom and dad brought me back the next morning so I could be taken to a ward specifically for that disease.  Mom and Dad took me home, laid me in bed and knelt down beside me.  They prayed all night long.  Other members of the church were praying as well.  At 4am I opened my eyes and asked for something to eat.  I played, ate and was perfectly fine.  The doctor called and fussed because she was waiting for us.  She didn’t believe I was healed and made mom and dad bring me in.  After an exam, the doctor cried and said it had to be a miracle. I was totally healed! She attended our church from then on.
  • My parents were young, poor and traveling to hold a revival in a small town.  The car broke down on a dirt road in the country.  It was 1954 and there were no cell phones and no way to get help.  Dad tried to fix the car but he wasn’t much of a mechanic.  He fiddled with some pieces that fell off.  He laid them back on top of the engine, closed the hood and the two of them prayed.  They prayed for an hour.  Then Dad said to get in the car.  He tried the key and it started immediately.  They drove to the pastor’s house.  When he turned the key off, the loose pieces fell on the ground.  A mechanic that went to the church said it was impossible for the engine to run without those pieces.  Whenever Dad re-told the story his eyes would fill with tears –  “not impossible – just God!”

***  You must read Joyce Smith’s book The Impossible.  It’s about her son’s drowning.  He fell in a frozen pond and was blue when he was rescued.  He flatlined for over 90 minutes.  The doctor was going to call time of death but decided to first allow the boy’s mom in to say good-by.  She walked in and saw his blue frozen feet.  She stretched out her arms and yelled, “Holy Spirit breath life into my son!”  At that very moment the monitor began to beep.  After over 90 minutes in the arms of death, a mother’s prayer brought her son to life!  The nurses cried and the doctor who was a believer praised God.  Six weeks later that young man walked out of the hospital without one complication! Check it out.  The book is on Amazon.

Don’t tell me God doesn’t answer prayer – he does!!!

I could go on and on with miracle after miracle that God has performed in our lives and with others.  

PRAYER IS POWERFUL.  PRAYER DONE RIGHT – WITH THE RIGHT HEART – WILL SAVE THIS COUNTRY.  It is never too late to pray when you pray with power!

If you believe that….please pray with me.

Dear Jesus, in 14 days we will go to the polls to vote on the future of this country.  I join in prayer with others with only one request.  Please Jesus, prevent evil from taking over our country.  

Whoever needs to repent and get their lives right with you – please convict them of their wrong doing.  

Whoever is lying to the American people, please expose their lies.

Whoever is plotting to take away our freedoms – especially our religious freedoms, please stop them and expose their wicked plans.

Whoever is angry and out of control because evil has invaded their heart, please take away the hate.  Please allow them to see value in others and give them compassion, peace and joy. 

Whoever is not being productive in this country, please eliminate the spirit of laziness and give them a desire to be part of the solution.

Please bring law and order and a respect for authority back to this country.  Calm the spirit of rebellion and give us peace.

Whoever has nursed the spirit of aggression set them free and give them a spirit of thankfulness.  

Whoever is bound in evil or in sin, please give them a chance to find you.

Now help me Lord to be everything you want me to be.  Help me to change my heart and my life.  Help me to impact others with love and compassion.  Help me to pray without ceasing for my family, my life, my church and my country.

In Jesus Name,  Amen


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