Government can not change your life!

Government promotes the idea that it has the ability to change our personal lives for the better. They believe that they are  elite and their philosophy is so lofty that they can cause a change in our will, our inner thoughts and our actions.   THAT IS A LIE!

Government does have the ability to promote a safe environment so that “WE” (or God) can change our life.  It is propaganda of the worst kind to say that Government has the ability to change the trajectory of it’s people.  Government is only a small cog in our personal lives.  It can use it’s bully pulpit to make suggestions, but as long as we retain most of our American freedoms, we will not be changed by Government.

Government can strengthen our country and help us in some ways.  They can provide laws that will help deter evil acts.  Unfortunately, laws only work on basically good people who don’t want to get in trouble.  Laws do not work on evil people.  Laws will not prevent the evil mind from hurting others.  Laws only give the government the right to arrest, detain and take evil people out of society and put them behind bars.  LAWS DO NOT STOP EVIL – they only take it away from the general public.   (To read more about this issue go to “My America”)

When I look at our government leaders today, I drop my head in embarrassment.  They are promoting childish grammar school arguing, fighting and violence.  I watch some politicians and commentators on TV and all I see is a room full of 8-year-olds trying to out scream each other.  They are not showing the proper mental picture of adults working together to solve our problems.

I am a Trump supporter.  I agree with his policies and his agenda.  I understand that to drain the swamp, you have to engage in fights with alligators and snakes.  That means using a different tactic than other previous presidents. That may also mean that you have to use forceful demanding language.  I also understand that he is being provoked everyday. However, I am weary with cuss words on all sides.

While some may think that words like “Hell” and “damn” are so common they don’t matter anymore, I disagree.  Those words promote negative emotions.  Children and young adults will feel those emotions and believe that it’s okay to be angry and to beat others up.  The democratic party, their resistance, the left commentators and even some republicans are exploiting the anger they have taught our children and young adults to feel.  They can not possibly care about our children if they can so easily promote a fight behind the school.

Don’t be so gullible that you believe even for a second that the “resistance” is about a holy higher commitment to freedom.  It’s not.  It is about retaining power and keeping money in their hands.

The only thing that will ever truly change our hearts and minds is Almighty God.  I’ve watched him change an alcoholic in 10 seconds.  I saw a man run to the alter screaming for God to save him.  He knelt as a alcoholic and stood up later as a clean individual.  He never took another drink.  I know women that have turned from being angry and mean to being the sweetest woman in the church.  I know a man who went to prison for rape.  He was saved in prison and all he wanted to do when he returned home was serve others.  God changes lives and when he does – it’s complete.

My family went to see the movie, I Can Only Imagine.  It’s a wonderful true story of how God can change lives!

Please pray with me today that people in Washington will be convicted of their actions.  We need God to convict people like Maxine Waters and others that so easily spew violence.  We need more of God in this country and less entertainment.

We need more people like Melania Trump who quietly does her work and encourages understanding and peaceful actions.


Dear Jesus, we know that anger can become a habit.  The last few years America has been attacked by anger fueled by intolerance for good people.  People who claim they want love, turn around and spew the worst kind of hate especially toward those who are kind and are trying to live good lives.  Evil, depravity, ignorance and immoral behavior is promoted while good clean living is attacked.  Those in power go on to try to convince our young adults and children to hate.  True love – your love – has only one goal:  To be kind to the individual while doing what is best for the future.  Love isn’t always about getting what you want in the now….love is often about doing the hard stuff so you can reap the benefits later.

Together, we – a great group of believers – pray that you will touch the hearts and minds of those who are so filled with anger and hate.  Calm them down and help them to think about how their voices and how their actions are hurting this country.  As so many have prayed before me, I ask that you will remove from power those who only want to hurt this country and damage our children.

I also agree with my prayer partners and ask that you open everyone’s eyes.  Help them to see the truth.  Help every individual in this great country to see the truth of the groups that try to convince us to follow them.  Help us to be able to understand who is truly for us and who just wants to retain power and/or money.  Help us to concentrate on the real truth about how to achieve our goals and how to have a better America.

This country was founded on your principles and I ask that you continue to help us and bless the great nation of America.  Give us a revival in America.  Bring us back to you and your desires.

I ask you to bless and protect everyone that is praying with me.  Give them strength, wisdom and peace.  May they have a wonderful day and feel your presence near.  In your precious name…..Amen





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