Every problem begins with a lie

“STOP!  JUST ONE MORE STEP AND YOU WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!  I have pictures and research!  I can prove it!

Would you keep going?  Would you refuse information?  Would you yell back that you didn’t care, it was your life and that you can take anything?

Every problem you will ever encounter…..begins with a lie.

If you know the truth and you stay on the road of truth, you will be able to avoid life pitfalls.
Problems hit us because we are too busy, we don’t care or we don’t investigate all the facts of a situation.   Perhaps, we believe the lie that nothing will ever change.  Maybe we believe the lie that hate is good.  Mostly we believe the lie that no one can avoid problems and that a causes us to be careless.  I’ve faced my share of horrible problems….and I’ve had to admit that they were because of some lie that I chose to believe.
I agree that no one gets out of this life without experiencing pain.  Even when the problem begins with our own lie, we must get to the point where we can forgive and move on.   The question we must continue to ask is….why do we fall so easily into preventable problems?  The answer….it’s always about a lie.
Now before you try to discredit what I’ve said, think about any problem you have had. Either you didn’t possess the “truth” about the situation, someone personally mislead you with a lie or the facts about the situation have been warped by multiple tiny lies from a group you trusted.
If you have all the honest information possible about any situation – you can navigate and avoid the problem.
But Debbie… what about abuse? How can honesty change abuse. Some people are just mean.
That’s right. But if you had the honest facts that a person you were involved with was an abuser – and you used those facts to stay away – you would ultimately avoid the problem.  People usually accept abusive situations because they believe the lie that their love is powerful enough to change the abuser into a different person.  They believe the lie spun by the abuser when he/she blames others for their outbursts.  The victim may even believe the lie that their life is not worth freedom but all they deserve is abuse.
What if you were born into abuse?
Again, someone else believed the lie that caused your problem.
I challenge you to come up with a problem that doesn’t begin with a lie.  
Why is this so important?  Honest Information will produce Powerful Successful Lives.  Without honest information our lives will not be the best we could have.  Your hopes and dreams, our families, our society, our country is on the road to destruction if we can’t find honest information.  My classes offer nothing for you if they are not based on pure honesty.
I believe that’s why so many of the Ten Commandments refer to lies.  It must have taken a lot to get on the Ten Commandment List.  That list was written by the hand of God.  Yet, half (5) of the commandments deal with lying and deception (a form of lying).   Is it any wonder that Revelations 21:8 placed lying in the group of sins that would “have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”
Is that why Jesus said, “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.”
I will not teach a class until I know what I’m teaching is “truth”.  You can not build a good life on a lie.  It’s like math.  If you are doing multiple calculations but you begin with a mistake in addition – your end answer will be wrong.  In everything we do, everything we learn, everything we explore – we must search for truth and live accordingly.
Again….I challenge you to come up with a life problem that doesn’t begin with a lie.  Comment and we will discuss it here.  

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