My America

2s6smygI grew up in a wonderful place called The United States of America.  “My America” as I called it, was not only safe – but the most prosperous nation in the world.  Studying an elementary school history book was exciting.  It made me and so many other children feel as though we were part of a wonderful plan.  We were special.  We were successful.  We were loving and kind and one of the most generous nations on earth.  We were built on Christianity and though we were very tolerant of other religions, we knew we were blessed because we started out pure.

It was my job therefore to keep this land beautiful, pure and successful.

What happened?  When did we turn into a mean-spirited nation?  When did we become the bad guys?  My America is dying.   I must help her…but how?  Is it possible to look back and determine where we made our mistakes and what we can do to get back there again?  I believe it is.

Please join me by reading my posts from the blogMy America.

I hope you love her as much as I do.  I hope you pray for “Our America”.  I hope you will comment and join the discussion.  Together I hope we can find ways to help My America return to the successful and beautiful country she has always been.

God Bless,


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