God’s House

807561_heaven  Why should anyone go to church?

I grew up in a time when God showed up on a regular basis.  You felt it.  It changed you.  His presence was so real it was as if you had touched the hem of his garment.  Miracles happened.  People were healed.  Lives were changed. My friends and I couldn’t wait to get to church.  My friends and family loved going to church.  We looked forward to meeting at “God’s House”.  We felt as though we had been in the presence of God – and that changed everything in our lives.

Everyone needs to feel that way about God’s house.  Everyone that passes through the door should “feel” the presence of God.  If they don’t – why go?

Our churches are bigger now.  We sing louder than ever.  We make more noise.  Some churches advertise that their church is the “fun” church.  We have lots of meetings and social gatherings and concerts and programs.  Yet with all the work, more young people are leaving the church because they feel it doesn’t represent the true nature of God.  (Barna group)  More older saints are leaving the church because they feel unwanted.  One young family (in mid 30’s with two children) explained that they don’t go to church because it feels like a waste of time.  “Nothing important is going on there.  I can sing along to my ipod and read a good book.  I don’t need to make the effort to go to church.”

I have felt God’s presence before.  Being in God’s presence with other Christians is a phenomenal experience. I want everyone to experience the spirit of God when they attend church.  When they say they don’t, it makes me wonder – has God left the church?  Is it still his house?  If it is…..where is he?

I hope you will check out my blog “God’s House”.  Follow me as we sort out the mystery of God’s word and His purpose for God’s house.

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