The Mommy Detective

What in the world is a Mommy Detective?

mommy 2-webBeing a Mommy Detective is NOT about invading your child’s space or privacy.

Becoming a Mommy Detective IS about using specific techniques to help your child be his best.

What if a murder was about to take place in your home?  You see the clues.  You know something is about to happen.  In order to stop the murder you have to put the clues together and find out the who, where, when and how of the murder so you can stop it.

Who is going to be murdered? Maybe your middle child isn’t prepared and will make life choices that ruin his big chance.

What is going to be murdered?  It could be your child’s self esteem. Maybe it’s his ability to get a job. Perhaps it’s his faith or soul that’s in jeopardy.

When will this murder take place?  Maybe over several years.  Maybe you are damaging your relationship with your child and to repair it will be as difficult as raising the dead.

Whatever the problem, you have to find the clues and stop the murder. How?

Let’s look at the five points of our detective’s star.

1. Any good detective will investigate the scene of the crime. In other words, always place yourself in your child’s world. Try to see what he sees, live with his problems, and look at his friends from his point of view.

2. Watch his body language. Nothing tells you more about a child’s inner feelings than his body language. Watch his face, eyes, and hands. Watch as he interacts with others. Is he nervous? Does he fidget?

3. Make talking a comfortable experience. Remember how Detective Columbo would reassure the killer? He was always nice and did all he could to make the killer comfortable. I’m not suggesting we look at our children as killers, but we will get more information with acceptance than if we blurt out our suspicions.

4. Listen for tiny clues. Sometimes the smallest clue can be the most devastating. The human mind is like a detailed puzzle. Tiny bits of information can be tucked away in our memory cells and change our lives forever. Watch for the little ways your children reveal their problems.

5. Check all related sources. Detectives don’t stop at the crime scene, they look for motives, causes, weapons, and accomplices. Anything your child touches, breathes, reads, listens to, participates in, talks with, learns from, or brushes against has the potential to change his thinking. Never rule out anything. As you become a good detective, you will have the information to help your children succeed.

For more information on how to be a Mommy Detective, check out my website The Mommy Detective.  

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