DSC01786Families are fun !

Families are warm and caring!

Families are supportive and loving!

My vision is to help you have the family you have always wanted. It’s not impossible. All you need is information.

My vision inspired me to create over 80 classes that will help you grow a strong family. Check the Family Training tab for details.

Our vision includes training tips that will help you improve every area of your life.

Debbie is always ready to grab a bag and rush to your event.  Check the “Event fees” tab for information on how to schedule an event.

The Mommy Detective will help you diagnose any family relationship problem you have.  We give you tips, information and solutions that will help you conquer even the most difficult habits or situations.

My America will help you look back and analyze the traits that helped us build not only a great country but strong men and strong families.  We will look at how you can build a strong community that will withstand the pressures of a country in turmoil.

God’s House will help you find exciting ways to invite God into your home, your church and your community.  We will look back and analyze how to invite the power of God to return to our services.  We will study scriptures and analyze trends in society.  Our main focus will be to discover how to help one another experience the power of God in a real and personal way.

Our Store  provides resources for all those difficult habits and frustrations of family relationships.  Our goal is to upload 7 e-books before the end of the year.  We will also sell or give you a link to other resources like fiction, music, pastoral help and videos.

Stronger families can provide healing and love. Stronger families can help individuals be all they were created to be. Stronger families can change the world! Together we will change your future and ours!

E-mail your questions or express your needs by using the contact page. You can also e-mail or call to schedule your class or seminar today.

I pray that God will bless you with fun family relationships!



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