Can you trust your sick baby to God?

My hope is that together we can discover not only the power of God but how we can trust him with our lives, our families, our communities and our country. 

If God can take care of you in one area – why can’t he protect you in another area?

Brian and Colleen Thomas were missionaries to the Balkans in Central Eurasia.  Their home was in an unstable area and they were expecting their first baby.  They knew simple comforts and good doctors would be scarce.  They asked their supporters to pray for a safe pregnancy and birth.  One supporter made a commitment to fast and pray from December 1st until the baby was born.  The due date was December 13.

When the time came Colleen had to ride 5 hours over very bumpy and dangerous roads.  The Christian hospital treated illnesses ranging from tuberculosis to leprosy.  Colleen was under the care of a German midwife and two nurses.  

When the baby was ready for delivery the heartbeat was too slow.  When the nurse went for an oxygen tank it was empty!  The surgeon was sleeping in a house too far away to be of help.  Facing all the dangers, Colleen felt God’s awesome presence and peace.  She knew people were praying.  

The nurse used suction to deliver the baby and it was over rather quickly.  However, Caleb was blue.  The nurse worked with him until his color changed.  She gave him a shot because he had been exposed to tuberculosis at birth.  Unfortunately, it contained the live virus and it’s lethal in infants!  Still Colleen knew friends were praying and she felt peace.  

Caleb turned a beautiful white and pink color and seemed to be doing fine.  In a follow-up exam they found he was turning yellow.  He had jaundice and the hospital did not have bilirubin lights to treat it.  The only solution was natural sun.  In the Himalayan foothills the winters are cold with frost or snow most nights.  They had to lay Caleb outside naked in the freezing temps to get just a few minutes of sun per day.  He screamed in distress but after a few weeks his proper color returned.

Because of all the physical traumas Caleb had to overcome, everyone in the village wanted to see and hold little Caleb.  When visitors brought amulets and other trinkets to protect him, Brian and Colleen gratefully returned them.  They explained that God would protect their precious child.  When the dirty, poor, and even sick people wanted to hold Caleb,  Brian and Colleen would pray under their breath for God’s protection.  Many times Colleen would pray as a sick visitor coughed while holding her precious Caleb.  She knew the toxic germs were circling little Caleb yet she trusted God to keep him safe.

The only available water was so cloudy it was hard to see through it.  Debris and living things swirled in the water.  “We learned it was much easier to trust God for our health than for our baby’s.”  Yet… their time in the Balkans, Caleb was known as the healthiest baby in the entire city.  Many people became Christians because they saw first hand how God protected Caleb.

I wish I could say that my faith is as strong as Colleen’s.  I don’t think I can be sure of that unless I have to use it in exactly that same manner. 

What I can say is that I am peaceful and content in the knowledge that God has the power to protect this nation.  God can calm the anger and protect the innocent.  God has the power to keep this country safe and to help the inhabitants have better lives.  I am convinced of that and I peacefully rest in that knowledge.  

However, we must do our part.  We must live Godly lives and we must pray.  At any moment of the day when our thoughts turn to this election or to the problems of this country….we must pray!

Dear Jesus we come to you today with heavy hearts.  Our country is hurting.  Like a sick child moaning in bed, our country is ravaged by the infection that invades every area of this land.  

Please grant us wisdom to know how to correct our ways and our problems.  Please give us compassion to see the hurts and needs of others.  Please give us the determination to find truth and honor and to be people of truth and honor.  

The inner turmoil we are facing will take more power than we have to bring peace.  Please send your biggest and strongest Angels to lead us, protect us and guide us into your wisdom.  

We love you and honor you.  We believe that your power can change hearts and cause people to change their lives so this country will be better.  

Give us the power to fight evil.  Give us the tools to fight evil.  Please Jesus, give us the determination to never stop working or praying until evil is eliminated from American soil.

Please help every person who votes during this midterm to vote without regard for affiliations but rather with your wisdom and your guidance to vote against evil. 

Help us to stand against the powers that would destroy this land.  Help us to be completely sold out to you – the living God.  Help us to be sold out to your purpose for our lives and your love for us as your children.  



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