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After writing and developing over 80 classes, Debbie made it possible for an event planner, a pastor, a teacher or any group of people to design their own event. Debbie has the research and information to cover any topic you desire.

Debbie is committed to the goal that every seminar, conference or class should have “take away” value. There is nothing more satisfying than to hear the following comment: “Debbie is hilarious and she always gives me some new helpful information. No matter how many times I hear her – she’s always fresh and fun!”

Debbie is available as a Keynote speaker or for Sunday Services.

Debbie is also available for humorous talks for events like Mother’s Day or Christmas.  She has a wide range of hilarious stories that will delight attendees at your entertaining event.

To plan an event with Debbie, simply request a full class list. Pick the topics that will best fit the theme of your event. Each class has enough information to fill a two hour time slot. However, you may choose to cut the amount of information covered in order to fit your time limits. The information in each class may also be combined in order to cover more topics. Since each event can be tailored to fit your topic needs, the actual class possibilities are endless. Once you have chosen a topic and given Debbie the classes you wish to use, she will tailor her talk to fit the needs of your group. Please note that when you cut and combine classes some information will not be covered.

Topic Categories Include:

  • Parenting [33]
  • For Teens [5]
  • The over 35 Crowd [3]
  • Emotional Fitness [17]
  • Spiritual Fitness [9]
  • Relational Fitness [18]
  • Financial Planning [3]

How to Schedule a Seminar

  1. Send an e-mail to  You can download a full list of classes on our main page.
  2. When you are ready to finalize your ideas, contact Debbie for a one on one conversation to discuss your organizations needs. She will help you determine the best topics so we can cover the most information and help everyone at your event.
  3. Send a 10% deposit to secure your event date. Dates cannot be guaranteed until deposit is received.


The Family Training Center and Debbie Jansen are here to help you create the most successful event you have ever had.  Together we can impact families for years to come.

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