“Its been said that a good experience includes both laughter and tears. With incredible energy and heart, Debbie Jansen shares with her audience that experience. When it comes to parenting training, she had the audience taking notes and listening intently. At storytelling, she’s the best! You will find that kids do more than ‘say the darndest things’ and enjoy identifying with her family’s mishaps. At the same time, she quietly implores her audience to consider the incredible impact our choices have on our children. Debbie is truly a gifted communicator with an important message for parents raising the next generation.”

Laura McKenzie

Church Administrator



FTC(inside)w-dirtThe following was taken from a letter Debbie received after teaching a court ordered class.

“When I was ordered to take a parenting class, I thought it was crazy. The first night I was going because I had to. By the end of class I was there because I wanted to be there. I look forward to every class and can’t wait to learn something new. I’m excited about the ways I can help my child and my marriage. I love the fact that these are the things you used in your own home. If they were good enough for you, I feel better about trying them. I don’t like reading books – but you make everything exciting and fun! I thank you for not only being our teacher but our friend. Your classes truly changed me. I am different and trying to parent my child in the correct way as well as treat others with respect. I hope other people will give your classes a try. I know if they will, they will see the difference in themselves and in their children.”



Various comments submitted after attending an event.


“The information was very interesting and helpful. Debbie listens and helps any way she can. She is

always cheerful and I
believe she knows what she is talking about.”

“The information is great and has helped me a lot. It really works!”

“Debbie uses a lot of examples and gives out great information. She is receptive to questions and discusses anything. She is great for one on one’s and has helped me a lot.”

“Debbie is sincere, positive, helpful, genuine, knowledgeable, a good source of real life experience, and I could go on and on….”

“Debbie is great! What a special lady! I really appreciate all the wisdom passed on in and out of classes.”

“Debbie is very enthusiastic! She tries to relate your problem with problems of her own. She uses personal examples. She is helpful and you can just tell, she isn’t just a teacher – she is someone who cares.”

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