Doctorow - "Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader - not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon." My writing goal is to evoke feeling, to change hearts and to lift lives. I would love to help you share your story with the world.


Maya Angelou's quote is my speaking goal. "I've learned that people will forget what you've said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." With over 25 years experience in teaching and speaking, I would love to create an exciting event uniquely tailored for you.

Family Specialist

The pain of a dysfunctional family is devastating. With an all inclusive approach I will go outside the box to design a plan for success. Families consist of love and hard work but without a little fun growth is limited. I can help your family with an exciting plan for a peaceful and successful home.


To have the best life you need information. We can learn by experience, but it is an expensive teacher. I can help you learn how to have the best life without the high cost of mistakes. Whether it's using a Mommy Detective chart, taking a class or learning from one of my comedic stories; I will help you change your life.


Anyone can have a successful life. Anyone can overcome adversity, sorrow, and pain. I use understanding followed by inspiration to help hurting people. Together we explore the facts and design a unique plan to achieve their goals. Respect, understanding, teaching and a design for success - that's how lives change.


Are you lonely? Do you wonder if anyone else suffers the way you do? Are you confused about your talent? Sometimes one comment can make the difference between success and failure. I love lifting people up. I love watching their eyes sparkle when they are encouraged to try again. Let me be the voice you hear in your head as you march toward your goals.  

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“I don’t know what to do next” Father of Parkland Victim

My heart broke listening to the father of a beautiful 14 year old, as he expressed his grief at a candlelight service in Parkland, Florida.  Through tears he expressed his pain.  In exasperation he declared, “I don’t know what to […]

How to detect “Honest Information”

From the class “Honest Information for Powerful Lives” You can’t build a good life on a lie.  At some point the lie will crash everything you’ve built.  Even when you are determined to live an honest life, to do your […]

Lies destroy freedom

From the class “Honest Information for Powerful Lives”   Adolph Hitler was a master liar. He believed that propaganda would hand him the world.   He said, “Make the Lie Big, make it simple, Keep saying it and eventually they […]

Every problem begins with a lie

“STOP!  JUST ONE MORE STEP AND YOU WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!  I have pictures and research!  I can prove it! Would you keep going?  Would you refuse information?  Would you yell back that you didn’t care, […]

Pallas & Kratz

Once upon a time a young girl named Pallas, climbed a very steep mountain to visit with a Chakam named Sophos. The Chakam had been awarded the title “Wisest man in the world”. Pallas cautiously approached him and asked, “Oh […]

Safe in His Arms

I was calm yet filled with excitement. Every week I set aside Wednesday to spend with Him. I am quiet. I feel peace. I don’t eat. I just think about my wonderful friend. It’s as if the whole world swirls […]

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As a family chiropractor, author, speaker, and radio talk show host, I am always looking for better ways to help my patients, readers and listeners achieve their God-given potential.  I have hosted events that highlighted Debbie Jansen, featured her on my radio show and promoted her within my office.  I recommend Debbie to anyone who wants a better life.  Because of her material and creative personality, I am a better husband, dad, son and doctor.  Thank you Debbie, for your relentless pursuit of excellence.  We are all winning because of YOU!

Dr. Jonathan Lazar

Dr. Jonathan Lazar

Debbie Jansen is the real deal. Her heart flows into every word she writes and her passion comes through clearly in every word she speaks. She takes her work seriously and will follow through until she gets it just right. I love working with Debbie.

Ginger Kolbaba

Ginger Kolbaba

“Its been said that a good experience includes both laughter and tears. With incredible energy and heart, Debbie Jansen shares with her audience that experience. When it comes to parenting training, she had the audience taking notes and listening intently. At storytelling, she’s the best! You will find that kids do more than ‘say the darndest things’ and enjoy identifying with her family’s mishaps. At the same time, she quietly implores her audience to consider the incredible impact our choices have on our children. Debbie is truly a gifted communicator with an important message for parents raising the next generation.”

Laura McKenzie

Laura McKenzie

McKenzie Administrative & Consulting Services

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A message from Debbie

"Life can be an exciting adventure if you are willing to look at unique possibilities. I can help you find those possibilities. Don’t give up. Take my hand and together we will walk a new path, design a new plan and dig deep into the well of encouragement so you too can have an exciting and full life. Thank you for visiting my site. I can't wait to hear from you."